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BMS Origins

The Balanced Man Scholarship originated in 1990 at the Cincinnati Chapter, as a way to attract men of Sound Mind and Sound Body, while rewarding them for espousing the ideals of the Fraternity. Today, over 200 chapters use the BMS to identify balanced men.

Joe Kleinmann '16

His BMS Experience

"Winning The Balanced Man Scholarship was an amazing way to kick off my college career, both in confidence and encouragement. It helped me buy all of my books too! I am grateful to the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon for this honor."

The Balanced Man Scholarship

For the 2016 Application click here to apply!

The Balanced Man Scholarship is a reward dedicated to honoring freshman at JCU who exemplify our values of having a Sound Mind, and Sound Body. The scholarship is part of our brothers annual dues, showing how important upholding these values at JCU mean to us.

All incoming freshman boys are eligible to apply, and applying and/or winning the scholarship does not in any form require affiliation with Greek Life. It is simply a way for our chapter to reward hard working and successful men on campus.

The application due date is August 22, 2016.